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the artists

Gengoroh Tagame Gengoro Tagame

He is the most popular gay artist in japan and you might already knew about him and his works. ..huh? Not yet? You must visit right now!

Go Fujimoto Go Fujimoto

Love BEARS? OK  guys, Here's the right site for you. His drawings welcomes you with HUGS and KISSES. :)

Naoki Tatsuya Naoki Tatsuya

His drawings always reminds me the scene of sweat and the heat of man's body. But most of the gallery is under constraction yet, so bookmark and wait a bit. Japanese contents only.

Healerin Healerin

He is an aromatherapist. But he also draws, performs, sings, cooks, etc. Japanese contents only, but please check his drawings, I really love them!


G-Project G-Project(HP)

Publishing the magazine, G-Men. Has English contents.

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